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Anglo-American School - Phase I & II

Anglo-American School - Phase I & II


K-12, Elementary/Middle School 9 202 m2

LEED-EB:OM v2009

ENERGY MODEL Commissioning

GOLD Certified

  • The Anglo-American School Phase I & II is a new 12-grades school situated on a building site near Pancharevo, Sofia.
    The project concept concerns a school with gross floor area of 9 202 square meters including external terraces, yards, play areas and sports grounds. The school is designed to accommodate 400 pupils plus the school staff in an environment providing the best educational practices as well as application of “green” practices and trainings. The construction of the Anglo-American School presents a building consisting of five blocks separated from each other by a 5 cm construction joint.

    The Commissioning process and the Energy efficiency analysis are encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC Systems
    Boiler Plant. There are two hot water boilers with built in control and monitoring boards and fuel oil burners. There is a fuel oil plant consisting of one 32 m3 tank and fuel oil pumps with the necessary fittings and piping.
    Space Heating System. The space heating system is a hot water hydronic closed circuit type. The heat delivering units are aluminum panel radiators, located in the heated spaces. The radiators in the rooms are equipped with ordinary shut-off valves; whereas the radiators located in the other zones are assembled with radiator valve with thermostatic regulating drive.
    Ventilation Systems. There are two types of ventilation systems installed: fresh air supply systems and exhaust ventilation systems
    Air Conditioning. There are several air conditioning split units installed in various spaces. The only ones, which are operating permanently, are those for the Server room. All of the others are switched on individually during hot summer days.
    Domestic Hot Water. - Solar Energy Assisted The DHW for the building is provided by the boiler plant, assisted by a solar installation. The solar installation is used mainly for the preliminary heating of the city water. It is connected to the first hot water tank. If the water is not sufficiently warmed up by the solar circuit, the necessary additional heat is supplied by the boilers to the second hot water tank. The second tank is also provided with an additional electric heater which is to be used instead of boilers during the summer.

    Interior Lighting. The main indoor lighting is switched on locally and manually. There is no automatic system for the lighting control.
    Emergency lighting. The fixture of the emergency lighting is with built-in batteries. Every emergency and evacuation lighting fixture has its own ID and its status is monitored by the central control board.
    Outdoor Lighting The outdoor lighting is designed to operate on a full-night and half-night mode. The lighting fixtures are distributed in three independent circuits.