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Retail: Enclosed Mall 2 450 m2

LEED-NC Retail v2009

ENERGY MODEL Commissioning

Certified Only

  • The DECATHLON Building is a new construction, located in Plovdiv. It is designed as a shopping center for sporting goods with an open parking place for visitors. It is a single-story building, which consists of a main retail zone with its associated stores and adjacent thereto customer and service areas such as administrative offices, bathrooms and landing approach. Gross floor area of the building is 2 450 m2.

    The COMMISSIONING PROCESSES and the ENERGY MODEL are encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC systems. 
    Air Conditioning system. The air conditioning of the shopping area is realized by two rooftop units, located on the roof. The flow of fresh air covers the required fresh air flow rate based on the number of visitors in the zone. The adjustment of the ratio of fresh air is monitored by a sensor tracking the CO2 content of the exhaust air. For the server, boxes, cash and meeting rooms the air conditioning is provided by direct expansion split system air conditioners.
    Heating. Heating for the service and sanitary rooms is provided by electric panel radiators, which control the room temperature. For the delivery area heating is provided by electric radiant heater radiant type.
    Ventilation systems. The ventilation systems are 100% dedicated outdoor air system. There is one supply ventilation system with a centrifugal fan and an electric heater, one supply axial fan and four exhaust ventilation systems for outdoor installation.
    Solar domestic hot water system. For the production of hot water, one water tank with built-in coils combined with electric supplementary heater has been installed. Warm water is by priority provided from vacuum tube type solar collectors.
    Automatic control system. An automatic control system (BMS) is provided for the major HVAC systems and for the Lighting of the sales are zone. All system functions are visualized on an operator station of a special PC terminal desktop.

    Lighting Installation is organized as follows:
    The Lighting of the building is arranged as interior lighting and outdoor lighting.
    Interior lighting consists of main lighting with fluorescent and luminaire lamps; standby lighting and emergency lighting. For lighting controls: interior lighting controls consist of light sensor that regulates its percentage load depending on daylight illuminance for the sales area and movement sensors and switches for the other zones.
    Outdoor lighting fixtures are controlled by switches with time clock combination and photo sensors.