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Polygraphia - C&S

Polygraphia - C&S


Office building 10,000 m2

LEED-CS v2009

ENERGY MODEL Commissioning

GOLD Certified


    The Polygraphia Business Center II Building is a new construction. It is designed as an office building with garage on two levels. The building consists of one underground floor occupied by parking lot, conference rooms, technical and storage areas, ground floor with parking lot and offices and five floors above, designed for open office spaces. The restrooms and other service facilities needed for the functionality of the offices are located in the core of the building, the lifts and stairwells - on both sides of the building. The Polygraphia Business Center II Building is connected to the Polygraphia Business Center I via enclosed glass walkway.

    HVAC systems

    Heating. The heating of the building is provided by the city district heating system and a heat pump unit.During the transitional seasons the first source of heating agent is the heat pump unit. The district heating station provides back up by low outdoor temperatures.A four pipe water distribution system is selected in order to comply with different requirements of the premises on each of the building’s facades in the transition seasons. The heating/cooling of the building is established via floor standing fan coil units for the offices and corridors and via four-way cassette type units for the lobby and the conference rooms.

    Air Conditioning. The cold water for the air conditioning of the building is provided by one air cooled chiller with free cooling and the heat pump unit. The air cooled chiller can operate in cooling mode down to an outside temperature of -20 ° C and provides chilled water during the transition seasons and winter.

    Ventilation. The mechanical ventilation of the office spaces is established via three air handling units with rotary regenerators and built in heat pumps. The three AHUs provide an outdoor airflow volume of total 13 397 l/s. Each unit consists of two fan sections (supply and exhaust), rotary wheel recuperation section, filter section and built in heat pump section. The air is supplied and exhausted to/from the premises via ceiling air grilles.Exhaust ventilations are designed also for the technical rooms and storage rooms and also for the UPS, main switchboard and server room.