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The Plant for Production of Fasteners

The Plant for Production of Fasteners

RUSSIA Nijny Novgorod

Industrial Manufacturing 4 378 m2

LEED-NC v2009

ENERGY MODEL Commissioning

Silver Certified

  • The A. Raymond Fasteners Production Plant is a new construction. It is structured in two main zones - Production area with Mold injectors and presses, located on one level and administrative section located on two levels. There is also production assembly zone and material delivery & exporting sector. There is no basement. All zones are integrated in one whole building envelope. The gross floor aea of the building is 4 378 m2.

    The COMMISSIONING PROCESSES and the ENERGY MODEL are encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC systems.

    Heating. The hot water for heating is established via two gas fired boilers. The generated hot water is transported via two pipe heating distribution system to the room heating units and to the AHUs heating sections. The heating terminals of the building are provided by steel radiators for the оffices, service and common use premises and by air-heating units for the production zone, storage and unload zones.
    Process cooling. For cooling of the Mold injections, two air cooled chillers are selected. They are equipped with an extra hydraulic module, enabling the chiller to operate in Dry cooling mode. The control module of chillers is set to operate the equipment in three different temperature modes.
    Ventilation. The ventilation systems are 100% dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). There are altogether 19 ventilation systems - 9 AHUs type DOAS and 10 exhaust ventilation systems. The AHUs for the production zone, store zone and the offices are with rotary heat exchangers. The two AHUs for the handworking zone, lockers and the loading zone are selected with crossflow plate heat exchanger.
    Air Conditioning. For the server room, the air conditioning is provided by two direct expansion split system air conditioners with high wall indoor units.
    Domestic hot water system. Domestic hot water is supplied from the site boiler system and indirectly heated through a plate and frame type heat exchanger.
    Automatic control system. There is no central building automatic control system provided. However, an individual control of each major HVAC equipment is arranged.

    Lighting Installation.
    The Lighting installation is organized as follows: The interior lighting consists of main lighting, standby lighting and emergency lighting. The lighting in the building is controlled by switches, by “Push” buttons and by movement sensors.