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Sinergy Tower

Sinergy Tower


Office building 34,871 m2



GOLD Certified


    The Synergy Tower Office Building is a new construction. It consists of two basement levels with underground garages and technical premises, ground floor with offices and commercial area, fifteen above ground office levels and technical rooftop levels.

    The two underground levels of the building function as underground parking for employees and visitors, accommodate service and technical rooms, storage and locker rooms.

    The ground floor hosts the main lobby with two reception desks, a conference room, a café and service premises. The office levels are developed as open office spaces, meeting tenants’ requirements.

    The workplaces are positioned along the facades and the service and technical premises such as kitchenettes, restrooms and technical rooms are located in the core of the building.

    Commissioning Activities Summary

    Termoservice Ltd. was hired as an independent third party to ensure that the building’s mechanical, lighting and domestic hot water systems were designed, installed and calibrated to operate as intended by the design and the Owner’s operational needs.

    Verification site visits and functional performance testing helped identify problems early so they could be addressed with minimal or no cost and time implications, ensuring high quality operation for the owner.

    HVAC systems

    1.     Cooling Plant

    Cooling supply for the building consists of two air cooled chillers DAIKIN type EWAD700TZ-SR B2 with cooling capacity 637kW each, one air cooled chillers DAIKIN type EWAD660TZ-SR B2 with cooling capacity 594kW,

    two air cooled heat pumps DAIKIN type EWYD8004ZXRB2 with cooling capacity 641 kW each and one air cooled heat pump DAIKIN type EWYD7004ZXRB2 with cooling capacity 574 kW.

    2.     Heating Plant

    Hot water supply for the building is provided by a District Heating Substation installed in the basement.

    3.     Ventilation.

    Fresh air for the occupants is provided by separate supply and exhaust ventilation system. The conditioned fresh air is then additionally cooled or heated by coil units installed on each floor.  

    Automatic control system

    The system controls and manages all MEP systems. It has centralized hierarchical structure, consists of site equipment, control boards equipped with the respective protecting devices for electrical loads,

    programmable DDC controllers and connected with them output-input modules, control station. The system is of open type, allowing supplementing of additional DDS controllers and input-output modules for control and management of additional systems.