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Who we are


It consists of highly qualified specialists. Almost everyone has a Masters degree in its branch. The HVAC engineers dominate, but there are also WSS, Electro & Automation specialists and an Architect.


The best design practices and also the LEED classification systems encourages the adoption of integrated system design, the sense of which is an integration between the building, the systems, the occupants and the external environment.

Termoservice can assist with its own services to Architectural and Engineering studios for a consultancy and a design of building installation and systems with such an integrated approach especially needed for projects oriented to reach LEED certification


Together we transform buildings and communities into supportive, strengthening, and sustaining forces that will reinstate ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCES, reinforce NATURAL COEXISTENCE, and invigorate HEALTH, WELL-BEING & PROSPERITY

Termoservice will strive to make each project not only ENERGY EFFICIENT, but also COST EFFICIENT.


We are offering our service of Energy Modeling and support during design of the building systems, in order to obtain LEED credits related to the energy or evaluate your building target performance. Our “hands-on” experience in this area, combined with more than 25 years of advanced design of HVAC systems, places us in the position to be able to respond adequately to any problematic about mechanical and electrical installations, which contribute the LEED Certification.


At our company, we use state-of-the-art simulation tools and technologies to assess energy use, building materials, airflow and lighting behaviors. Such an approach enable us to provide high-quality and cost-effective sustainable solutions.

Additionally, by designing various HVAC scenarios, we not only apply the most advanced concepts of the branch to our projects, but also save significant amount of money and time for our clients.