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Anglo-American School - Phase III

Anglo-American School - Phase III


K-12, High School 8 416 m2



GOLD Certified

  • The Anglo-American School Phase III (AAS III) is a new building, which consist of two floors and one semi basement level. In addition, associated site work is a part of the AAS project (phase I and II).
    The construction project is internally divided into Phase IIIF and IIIG, which totals 8 416 m2 of Gross Buildable Area.
    The new building will house the middle and high school. Phase III will include general classrooms, upper school administration, library, gymnasium, and supporting spaces. The new project will allow the school to expand capacity up to 550 students. This will allow the school to accommodate 2 sections per grade from preschool through 12th grade.

    THE COMMISSIONING PROCESSES encompassing the following base building systems:

    Boiler plant. A central boiler plant is providing hot water to all space heating equipment. Fuel type is fuel oil. Three identical water heating oil fired boilers are installed, which are connected in parallel; one always stands in reserve.
    Oil Storage. It consists of 16 m3 tank for oil storage, located outside near to the boiler room. The tank ensures also the necessary fuel for the diesel generator
    Ventilation systems. The ventilation systems are 100% dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with energy recovery. There are altogether 16 ventilation systems - 7 AHU type DOAS and 7 exhaust ventilation systems.
    Solar hot water system. For the production of hot water, a combined water-water heater with two coils and a water tank has been installed. Warm water is by priority provided by plate solar panels. Any shortage of heat is compensated by the boilers
    Dx single split Air Conditioning units There are 6 individual split type air conditioners. Automatic control system for the HVAC installations.
    Automatic control system. It is provided for the major HVAC systems and for the Lighting. All system functions are visualized on SCADA provided on an operator station of a special PC terminal desktop.
    Lighting Installation is organized as follows: All lighting fixtures are fireproof and have the respective certificate. They are with HF EB, warm start and double parabolic light distribution. The emergency lighting consists fluorescent strip rechargeable battery and EXIT sign. Daylight sensors are installed as well.