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Offices - Interior Design and Construction 1 133 m2

LEED-CI v2009


GOLD Certified

  • CITIBANK - Sofia Branch has been relocating its office to Serdika Center Office Building. CITIBANK is leasing office spaces on the tenth floor. It consists of office spaces, restrooms, server room and utility spaces. The gross floor aea of the new office is 1 133 m2. The project is focused on the partial replacement and reconstruction of the existing systems and installations due to the reorganization of the internal office space.

    The COMMISSIONING PROCESS are encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC systems
    Air Conditioning system.  The air conditioning is performed by the existing HVAC systems of the Serdica Office Building. For the CITIBANK office it is accomplished by central air conditioning systems and local fan coil units. The fresh air is prepared in three air handling units The AHUs are equipped with rotary air to air heat exchanger for heat recovery of exhaust air, intake and exhaust fans, water/air heating unit, water/air cooling unit and filter sections. The fresh air supply is constant volume type with an airflow of 6m3/m2 per hour (two times air exchange per hour). The fan coil units are for visible floor-wall mounting, equipped with room thermostats and motorized 3-way valves. The cold water for the fan coils and the AHUs is prepared by air-cooled chillers, mounted on the roof of the building. The heat supply for the building is from the city heating network. For the sales office room an additional split air conditioner, cassette type, is provided. For the server room the air conditioning is provided by high performance air conditioners
    Heating. Heating for sanitary rooms is provided by hot water radiators, supplied with thermostatic valves for room temperature control.
    Ventilation systems. For the newly build WC rooms of CITIBANK office a new exhaust ventilation system is provided. It is connected to the existing vertical air duct system and to the existing roof fan.
    Domestic hot water system. Remains as the main core and shell project.
    Automatic control system. A central building management system (BMS) controls the building's equipment and systems with graphical workstations, providing the person-machine interface to the control system, so the building operators can make adjustments and modifications to the programs. All HVAC equipment of the CITIBANK office is connected to the BMS.

    Lighting Installation
    The Lighting of the office space is arranged as main lighting and emergency lighting. Main lighting consists of suspended ceiling mounted LED lighting. The emergency lighting includes self - contained fixtures with battery, pictograms and fluorescent lamp. The lighting controls include unattended automatic dimming and control via light and presence sensor.