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Delta Textile

Delta Textile


Industrial Manufacturing 614 m2

LEED-NC v2009

ENERGY MODEL Commissioning

SILVER Certified

  • The Delta Textile new manufacturing facility is located in a new construction, adjacent to the existing premises of the same company. It is a single volume hall construction, divided internally into three zones - two manufacturing and one for the personnel. The project will be part of the manufacturing complex of Delta Textile.

    The COMMISSIONING PROCESSES and the ENERGY MODEL are encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC system.
    Heating Plant & System. The heating water plant is based on a purchased steam as heat source. Heating system type is radiator heating for staff facility areas. It is a hydronic, two-pipe, direct return type system. Distribution is made of steel pipes.
    Chilled Water Plant. An air-cooled chiller/heat-pump provides chilled water to space air-conditioning equipment.
    Air-Conditioning Systems. The whole amount of air is conditioned through a single Air Handling Unit. The supplied fresh air for the production areas is used for both space ventilation and as a consummative for the production process. Air-Conditioning for production areas – direct expansion system.
    Ventilation systems. Supply ventilation - Constant Air Volume - 100% fresh air, heating, cooling, humidification. Also - Natural ventilation, WC exhaust, Heat-recovery coil arrangement and Night Ventilation which consists of axial ventilators installed on the outside walls of the knitting department.
    Domestic Hot Water System. The DHW system is based on electric water heaters and electric boiler.

    Automation Control System. A central building automation system will control the HVAC equipment. Specifications for system hardware, network architecture, and software capabilities are provided in the construction documentation.

    Lighting System.
    The Lighting of the building is divided into:
    Main lighting. - Knitting, Drying, Ironing and Sort area, Workshop main mechanic - fluorescent light fixture.
    Office area – Fluorescent light fixtures with high frequency electronic gear and mirror optic system.
    Standby lighting. It is a part of main lighting and is manually controlled from switch.
    Emergency lighting - The light fixtures are located in a manner, ensuring clear vision of the escape