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Warfield Building

Warfield Building

USA San Francisco

Office: Administrative 5 192 m2

LEED-CS v2009


Certified Only

  • The Warfield Building is an existing office building, originally constructed in 1921. It has been under the process of major renovation. The renovation encompasses the office tower portion of the building which is attached to the historic Warfield Theater. The project will function as an office building with ground level retail with a gross floor area of 5 192 m2.

    THE COMMISSIONING PROCESS is encompassing the following base building systems:

    HVAC Systems
    Heating and Cooling. Every office floor is provided with its own HVAC system. The heating and cooling loads are covered by 9 variable refrigerant flow systems - one per each floor. Indoor air distributions are accomplished by multiple fan coil units, cassette type. The control are provided by the room control module. Additionally, there is a centralized control module by which the outdoor condensing units could be traced and controlled.
    Ventilation and Exhaust. East and West wings of the office tower are provided with base building ventilation and exhaust air by fans located on the office tower roof. Exhaust is provided for restrooms.
    Domestic Hot Water (DHW) SystemDomestic hot water is provided by gas water heater located on level 9.

    Lighting System
    Main Lighting: Office zones; Mezzanine retail; Basement.
    Standby lighting. Emergency lighting. Control types - occupancy sensors and switches

    Categories Prerequisites and Credits

    EAp1 Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems