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Energy modeling is the virtual or computerized simulation of a building or complex that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy related items such as air conditioning, lights and hot water.

Building simulation is the process of using a computer to build a virtual replica of a building. Building simulation provides a predictive approach (but highly reliable) to the behavior of the building in the presence of thermo-physical treatment plants, taking into account the internal loads and external ones, sun and shade, or on the basis of meteorological data and external conditions in the location.

The common phrase for Building simulation when energy is involved is Energy modeling.

Energy simulation is perhaps one of the most useful analyses one can do when designing a green building. Ideally, we start all projects at the conceptual stage and provide the analysis at various levels, but mainly:

BUILDING ENVELOPE DESIGN – Shape & Orientation Optimization, Façade Optimization

When Termoservice is involved in the beginning stage of a project, the team is able to quickly assess and suggest any design changes to the building envelope, enabling client to make informed decisions. We are able also to take into account value-engineering inputs and work directly with the project team for its realization.

MECHANICAL DESIGN – Explore Energy Conservation Measures and Integration of Renewable Energy

Once the schematic design of the building begins to be solidified, we work with the MEP engineers to aid in analysis of the mechanical design and additional conservation measures that can be implemented to provide additional savings. We are also able to break down the different components that lead to energy savings, providing to MEP engineers ideas, into which variables to focus on.


Energy modeling is used to:

  • Predict the annual energy cost
  • Predict the monthly energy consumption and bills
  • Annual CO2 emissions calculations
  • Compare and contrast different efficiency options
  • Determine life cycle payback on various options

The benefits from Energy modeling are:

  • Engineers - No more giant spreadsheets!
  • Building Owners - Get the best value up front
  • Building Tenants - lowered monthly bills!
  • The Environment - Least energy and least emissions

For over 10 years, we execute Energy simulations with advanced software for modeling, recognized by ASHRAE, and suitable for the Energy Modeling for LEED certification.

By means of Energy Modeling, it is possible to make the immediate evaluation of the phenomena of action/reaction that allow the study of multiple “what if” scenarios.

This is why Energy Modeling is presumed like essential, during the design of our systems.

For more details of our projects related to Energy modeling follow the menu Our Projects – Energy modeling.