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Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) is a legal successor of the executive Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), Bulgaria.

Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) is a legal entity at state budget support with headquarters in Sofia and has the status of an executive agency within the Ministry of Energy.

The Agency for Sustainable Energy Development is an agency to the Minister of Energy to implement the state policy on the promotion of energy end-use and the provision of energy services as well as to promote the production and consumption of electricity, heat and cooling from renewable energy sources sources, production and consumption of gas from renewable sources and the production and consumption of biofuels and energy from renewable sources.The aim is to provide high-quality administrative services in a responsive, transparent and objective way, prioritizing our work with the satisfaction of our society by the actions of our employees

Termoservice company is certified by the Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA) to carry out energy audits and certification of buildings in accordance with Art. 44 of the EEL (Energy Efficiency Law) in Bulgaria. The industrial projects audits and certifications are also performed by the company with a partnership with other firms having the respective certificate under Article 34, para. 5. Termoservice company has the specialized softwares for the design of energy efficiency and energy modeling of buildings, established and recognized by SEDA. The activities carried out are:

  • Conformity assessment of energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy audit and certification of already constructed buildings.

For these activities, the company is equipped also with a wide range of measuring instruments, details of which could be seen in section Resources.